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Re: Team vs Sheffield 20/11

Post  Haights on Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:21 am

Adrian Shergold wrote:
samrigby wrote:
Adrian Shergold wrote:this is the new 3rd year me Bolton, i'm all business...

seriously though, i'd much rather do training 6-8 than meet at 11am saturday
saturday morning tv is amazing, we all love a bit of saturday kitchen and anybody who says otherwise is just lying, it's the perfect pre-rugby warm up

Come on Aidy, everyone knows a warm Ginsters is the perfect pre-rugby warm up!

frodo, one week after my dose of saturday kitchen goodness i was greeted by the sight of Nigella Lawson

she is definitely tastier than a warm Ginsters, and doesn't leave you feeling a bit nauseous about half an hour afterwards

saturday kitchen, nigella, yorkshire rugby in the sun, lack of punches to the face... all in all it was a good day

I belive you're onto something truly beautiful here Aidy. I think we should start a pre game thirds session infront of Saturday Morning kitchen. Everybody is to watch it before turning up to the meet. That way we're happy and feeling like Aidy!

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