SUBS in for 12.10.10 by the latest

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SUBS in for 12.10.10 by the latest Empty SUBS in for 12.10.10 by the latest

Post  brownbear on Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:16 am


Im afraid its that time again where I ask the senior members for subs.

The price has gone up to 50 because we have to pay for norton, so im sorry about that.

All senior members must get there cheques or cash in by the 12.10.10 otherwise the price will go up to 55 and there will be naming an shaming at the start of training.

Cheques made payable to USUS medics rugby.

I will be around at every training. If your feeling lazy you can post them to me at 11a Commonside, S10 1GA.

Freshers dont worry about SUBS for a couple of weeks until uve had a feel for the club and then decide you definately want to join. We will be holding a mass registration and paying day sometime in the near future.

SUBS pay for-
the medics rugby tie
covers the cost of training at abbeydale
Norton playing grounds


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