Dick Joesbury (Ticket Sec) International Tickets

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Dick Joesbury (Ticket Sec) International Tickets

Post  DickJoesbury on Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:06 pm

Anybody wanting International tickets should contact Dick Joesbury on 0114 2307207 (home) 01246 811573 (work).I still have some tickets for the autumn series but you must contact me very shortly, preferably by Sunday 5th Oct.
Likewise contact me for six nations tickets. The Italy match will have very good availability for prompt applications.

Ticket Sec

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Re: Dick Joesbury (Ticket Sec) International Tickets

Post  Treebeard on Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:15 pm

Hi Dick,

Thanks for putting this up, I think a lot of the guys are unaware that you can get us these tickets. It is fantastic of you to keep organising this!

I meant to ask you whether the Old Boys wanted to have a medicsrugby.com e-mail address forwarded to an e-mail inbox as the official old boys contact (and if so whose mailbox would be best - yours?). I was thinking oldboys@medicsrugby.com or something similar...it can be .com or .co.uk (or both depending on who else needs an official e-mail addy as I have 5 for .com and 5 for .co.uk). Let me know if you like the idea and where to set up the forwarding address.

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