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Club Captain Speech

Post  Will 'no neck' Rofe on Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:10 am

Hello boys, hope you have all had a good Easter break.
As some of you may be aware I will not be back in Sheffield in time for the voting or the game on Saturday but I will most definitely be there for the meal and pop tarts! As I am running for the position of Club Captain, and not able to say a few words myself I would just like to say a few words here to explain why I want to run for this position and what this club means to me.

As you all know this next season will be my 4th at the club. During this time I have played in fresher’s teams, the seconds and the first team; thoroughly enjoyed playing alongside nearly every one of you. I consider every one of you my friends and feel that if there are any issues within the club, you could approach me and as a club captain I would do everything capable to sort out the problem. Although for the last few seasons I have be predominately a first team player, I understand that this club is so much more that just one team, and next year I hope to be able to be the club captain of a club that can routinely put out three teams and all members socialising in the beloved West End afterwards! I know the issue of training was high on the agenda at the AGM and if elected I will work closely with the committee to make sure the training is structured and transport is organised for the beginning of the season to accommodate the influx of new players. I feel that the team run through on Friday nights were an essential part of cohesion of the team and allowed us to become focused on the game the following day, and I propose to keep the Friday training sessions alongside the Tuesday club sessions. After the success of the North vs. South fresher’s game, I aim to use this idea to host a fresher’s game at the beginning of the season to identify potential strong players and to make sure the fresher’s are integrated into the club as soon as possible. I hope to work closely with all team captains next year to ensure that the players deserving of a call up in to the team above are promoted, and those players returning from injury are able to work their way back into contention to ensure a fluid transition between teams that can only strengthen the club further.

After the success of the tour to Prague this year and the trips had by the Second team this season, I hope to look into a possible mini tour involving all teams to somewhere in the UK next season; of course dependent on club finances.

I hope to continue on from the successful season the club has just enjoyed and improve upon it!

See you all at the Old Boys dinner

Rofeo Done

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