AGM 2008/09

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AGM 2008/09

Post  Sellens on Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:26 pm

Hi guys,

The time is upon us to call the Annual General Meeting for the club!

The AGM is a chance for everyone in the club to have their say about what has happened over the past season, good or bad. Issues can be raised about anything from training to socials. The idea is that the committee for next year can take your comments and improve the club in the comming season.

Another important section of the AGM is the nominations for next years committee.... anyone wishing to run for committee next year needs to be nominated and seconded at the AGM. The nominees then have time to prepare their policies etc. before the voting which happens on the morning of Old Boys day (25th April).

The AGM for 2008/09 will be held on Wednesday the 18th March between 7 and 8pm in the West End. Please make the effort to attend and share your thoughts about how the club is run as it really does make a difference!

Cheers guys,

Sellens king x
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Re: AGM 2008/09

Post  Tissa on Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:40 pm

took your advice sellens n am gettin active on the old forum!

wondered if its worth puttin up all the nominations for committee up here so ppl can refresh their memories?

also have fun on tour all those who r goin, but remember big match nxt wednesday! xx

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