AGM, committee and old boys

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AGM, committee and old boys

Post  Alex Worthington DOR on Sun Mar 27, 2011 1:56 pm

The AGM will be at 7.30 this Wednesday the 30th March at Stepho. It is a chance for us all to discuss the club and for you guys to put yourselves forward and be seconded for next years committee. Voting will take place on Saturday morning in Tigers bar prior to the old boys game at 10.45am sharp.

Could you please also post on this feed if you’re a leaver who wants to play in the game.

Here is a description of the positions.

Club Captain

• Overall control of the club. Communicates with all members of the committee on pretty much all matters. Make sure everything is running smoothly.
• Organisation of committee meetings on a number of occasions during the year.
• Organise Gala Dinner.
• Point of contact for old boys. Send out update letters.
• Ensure all paper work during the year is completed.
• Determine how club funds are spent along with treasurer.
• Ensure that training is organised with other senior members of the club.
• Ensure transport is available for all training and matches.
• Point of contact for all members of the club if they have any difficulties.
• Point of contact for any individuals who need to contact Sheffield Medics RUFC.

Very difficult to define the exact role of the club captain. This year I’ve had a good relationship with all the members of the committee and have always discussed any matters that concerned them or the club. You pretty much need to know a little about all areas of the club, training, matches, 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, admin, money, transport, old boys, NAMs, RFU, international tickets, sponsorship, kit, socials, old boys, gala, abbeydale, norton.

First Team Captain

The main role of the first team captain is obviously the smooth running of the first team. His main privilege is to pick the squad for every game. This can be done incorporating the opinions of other senior players but the final decision rests with the captain and he is the only automatic selection (unless he drops himself!). He must then make sure everyone is available to play at the weekend, which sometimes takes some chasing up! The captain will also make sure everything else is in place for the weekend. This includes filling out the match card, getting it signed and posting it off to the league, as well as making sure match balls, water bottles and kit are there on the Saturday. The captain plays a large role on the actual day of matches, getting the team motivated for the game and taking the warm up etc, and obviously he leads the team on the pitch, liaising with the referee and making decisions on behalf of the team. The captain also plays a part in socials by awarding match awards!
Apart from his specific role towards the first team, the 1stXV captain is a very senior member of the squad and will help the club captain and anyone else organise training which is another difficult job..
Finally, the 1stXV captain is part of the committee of the club and therefore throughout the year will attend meetings and help out with any tasks appropriate such as fresher’s fair and trial, old boy’s etc.
Qualities required =

Qualities not necessarily required but help =
good pre/during/post game chat
the ability to pass the ball off your left hand....

2nd Team Captain

This position involves selecting a side every weekend. There must be plenty of contact with both the 1st and 3rd team captains to ensure those who deserve to go up to the relevant side get their chance and also on occasion to ensure players are getting game time. It is also important to speak to the fixture sec to ensure games are confirmed as expected.

On match days the captain is expected to provide directions if needed, ensure the team have kit, water bottles, balls etc, communicate with the ref and opposition as well as taking control of the team for the fixture.

Third Team Captain

The main role of the 3XV captain is to communicate with the new intake of club members and try to get them involved in the club from the word go. This means getting as many people involved in the first few games as possible to keep people in the club.

One of the new roles for 3XV captain is to help organise the 3XV fixtures with the fixture sec. This is a key role as you will find that several opposing clubs will drop out at the last minute due to not having a full strength 3XV on there part. Therefore good communication between fixture and 3XV captain is vital.

Another role that comes with the job is to have a good relationship with the 2XV captain as there WILL be frequent movement of players between the two teams, which may not be in your favour hence why a good relationship with the 2XV is needed.

You must be willing to talk to anybody who appears to enter the club and keep them happy. The whole point of Medics Rugby is that it is different to Uni and we’re a more open club, and it will be your job to make people feel welcome throughout the season!

Fixtures Secretary

The fixtures sec liases with other clubs and the leagues to produce a fixture list. Pitches are requested from Norton, and referees from the Yorkshire Referee Society pre-season. On a weekly basis, referees, pitches and opposition are confirmed, and any cancellations or rearranged league matches are dealt with. The fixtures secretary is in constant contact with the team captains, the league secretary, Norton, and referees. This role needs some considerable organisation but is rewarding and a good way to get involved in the club!

Club Secretary

• Ensuring that all club members are registered - regardless of whether they are freshers or not or whether they say they've filled out a registration form before or not. If they aren't on the previous season's list then they aren't registered.
• Repeatedly asking players (and i can't emphasise this enough) if there were any clubs that they were ever registered to, so that the registration forms aren't posted back to you covered in red pen, delaying player registration.
• Remembering to remove any players from the RFU registered players list that no one has ever heard of, registered before you did your GCSE's and never make it onto the team lists (Although i will try and cull most of this before handover).
• Taking down minutes at Committee meetings - not particularly difficult, unless you daydream as soon as the Director of Rugby (Club Captain) starts talking.
• Acting as a point of contact for the league secretary (Kath McNally) and forwarding on any messages to the relevant committee members - although by midseason she'll always probably have just spoken to the first team captain before you ring her.
• Acting as a point of contact for other clubs - occasionally they will manage to ring or text the club secretary instead of the fixture secretary.
• Receiving post from the RFU - but most important information is sent via email or phoned through, so it inevitably turns out to be boxes full of RBS spam during the 6 Nations.
• Politely reminding those who've filled out their registration forms that London is not a country and neither is England a city.
• Remembering to sign off emails with your full title of Honorary Secretary Sheffield Medicals RUFC just because you can.


Money in and out of account goes through me, everything written down- SUBS and OLD BOYS, STASH, CNP.
Sort out coach for freshers
Sort out taxis when needed
Go to NatWest to sort out money every 3 weeks
Sort out pounds at training and make sure everyone gives money.
Monthly meetings with Club captain to go through accounts.
Be at fresher’s fairs

Kit Sec

This position involves canvassing local and national companies for sponsorship for the upcoming season. This is done using phone calls, email and letters.

Kit sec involves regular contact with Kukri and CNP to design and order all sexy stash.

The position involves working closely with the treasurer as the Kit sec handles lots of money, and therefore organisational skills are essential.

Sponsorship and Equipment sec

Aim to raise £1500 for the club
Close contact with kit sec and club captain to sort out sponsorship logos
Make sure equipment is in a good state- balls and first aid kits, nothing gets lost!
Sort out leaflets and signs for freshers fairs
Be at fresher’s fairs

Social Secs

Responsibilities of social secs are fairly straight forward:
- Organising and running weekly socials including securing pop tarts tickets.
- Helping to organise Gala evening/dinner.
- Organising old boys dinner at the end of the season.

Socials are a very important part of the club in terms of welcoming new members, as well as providing a chance for everyone to celebrate our inevitable victories. You will need to be present at all socials, controling proceedings, ensuring the rules are followed, getting billy so drunk that he shit's himself again, trying to avoid getting puked on by Tom White (something only half of the social secs achieved this year), and generally leading by example in terms of being a mess.
Alex Worthington DOR
Alex Worthington DOR
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Re: AGM, committee and old boys

Post  rossakeating on Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:31 pm

Game for playing in old boys. x
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Re: AGM, committee and old boys

Post  Tyzzer on Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:44 pm

Yeah I'd like to play old boys

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Re: AGM, committee and old boys

Post  Adrian Shergold on Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:41 am

i'd be up for an Old Boys game cameo
Adrian Shergold
Adrian Shergold
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Re: AGM, committee and old boys

Post  baby billy on Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:42 pm

Yeah I wanna play old boys
baby billy
baby billy
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Re: AGM, committee and old boys

Post  Martin 'Sound!' Rothwell on Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:27 pm

playin old boys would be sound
Martin 'Sound!' Rothwell
Martin 'Sound!' Rothwell
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Re: AGM, committee and old boys

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