5 person house available

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5 person house available

Post  Alex Worthington DOR on Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:21 am

Hi Guys

Unfortunately my almost 10 year stint as a student is coming to an end and I have to grow up and enter normal society.

This will leave me with an empty house in Walkley. It has become a bit of a medics rugby stronghold currently occupied by Pops, Risk factor Sen, Coomer, Jewmour and Matt Laidler. Preferably I would like it to stay in the club but if you have friends looking for 5 man house I'm open to offers.

Walkley is the next area round from Crookes and gives you a 20-25 minute walk to uni. The house was a shit hole when I moved in so each room has been done up. Its 5 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen with dining table, 2 bathrooms plus extra toilet, another small room which has a bed in it for any drop ins but is generally used as rugby kit room and a garden.

Rent is 60 a week and the benefits are you don't have to deal with some asshole landlord (depending on your opinions of me). If your interested just post or find me at training and we can go from there.


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Alex Worthington DOR
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