Registraition for freshers and Tour details

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Registraition for freshers and Tour details

Post  brownbear on Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:06 am

Monday training- at ponderosa, 5.30 be on time, will be fitness with a bit of touch

Tuesday training- Meet at S10 6.00. everyone bring a pound for the drivers, be on time, cars will leave without you. everyone who has a car please bring a car.

FRESHERS- there will be a signing up evening on 03.11.10 at Stevenson bar. From 7.30 to 8.30. YOU MUST turn up to this to play for the club. You will be registered this evening. Bring a cheque book or 50 cash to pay for SUBS. Registration and paying of SUBS must take place on that day!

SUBS are used for- training pitches, norton pitches and equipment.

Seniors I only have around 20 people paying for SUBS right now. You will be named and shamed at training on tuesday and you WILL NOT play for the club until you give in your subs. I will be at training on Friday, Monday and Tuesday so no excuses.

People who have paid are:

Tim gibbons
Zac watson
Roshan Gunasekera
T Stedman
James Clarke
Chirs jones
Ali Shaw
Jo Gaynor
Al Worthington
Ollie Raimond
Andy Roberts
Ben winters
T haighton
Eddy farmer
J fitzgerald
Sam coxon
J birch
Adrian shergold
Louis wright
Stephen edgar
Pierluigi ferri
Pablo fernandez
Jonny wright

Here a little about tour from pops aswell

Hello Boys,

Just a reminder to bring tour deposits to training tonight. If you'd like to come I need 60 off you! Places are very quickly disappearing now - up to 30 on the bus so space is limited!
Cheques payable to USUS Medics Rugby and please write your name, Date of birth, tel number on the back of the cheque!!

Also I'm struggling to get some pics on here - can anyone tell me how this is done - struggling with the image button!!


For those who don't know about it here is a reminder:

The club traditionally tours a European city every other year and following on from the previous successful trip to Prague in 2009, we hope to bring you a fantastic weekend to remember!!
As your tour secretaries for this year, we have organised a fun-filled weekend to a European destination which will remain secret until we meet in March. We are therefore asking you to place your trust in us as we give you monthly clues to our destination.

What is Tour?
For those of you who are tour virgins; tour is perhaps one of the best elements of rugby. It is usually at the climax of a wave of excitement wherein one is expected to demonstrate drinking ability and bring banter, song and of course flare on the field! It is a great opportunity to meet players from another country and become closer to other members of the club! It is always a fun, boozy affair and promises to be one of the most memorable weekends of your time in university! Although I can attempt to describe exactly what tour means, it can only be truly understood when you are on the bus as most tourists will tell you!

Leave Friday Morning when full itinerary will be revealed. Arrive Friday evening and explore the nightlife.
We will play two fixtures over the weekend before returning home on Monday (Arrive Monday evening).

Fancy Dress
This is an essential element to any Sheffield Medics Tour and will be a 3-tiered theme to accommodate the Tour virgins, Tourists and old boys. Previous themes have included Kings, Knights and Jesters and the 70s, 80s and 90s. More info to come about this in the build up!

Kangaroo Court
Tour rules must be adhered to and those who fall short may have to defend themselves in tour court!!
This is a great element to the weekend and takes place daily with both defence and prosecution counsels. Just hope the court looks upon you favourably!

The price this year is 230. This includes all travel, B&B accommodation, indemnity insurance for playing and of course your tour shirt!
If you would like to come we need a deposit from you as soon as possible! Places will fill up fast as this is a biannual event which causes much excitement so get your cheque in early to avoid disappointment!!
The deposit is 60. Please make your cheque payable to USUS Medics Rugby and give it to either baby billy or myself at training or matches. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT!!
We will be collecting the rest of the money in the new year to make best use of the student loans but we need the deposit as soon as possible!! to avoid disappointment please get your deposit in by TUES NOV 2nd!!!!

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Re: Registraition for freshers and Tour details

Post  Viren 'Skin-reg' on Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:49 am

can everyone who needs to register bring a pen please tonight. It will make the process a lot quicker if you do

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