Lots of announcements everyone read especially freshers

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Lots of announcements everyone read especially freshers

Post  brownbear on Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:18 pm

Monday training- at ponderosa, 5.30 be on time, will be fitness with a bit of touch

Tuesday training- Meet at S10 6.00. everyone bring a pound for the drivers, be on time, cars will leave without you. everyone who has a car please bring a car.

FRESHERS- there will be a signing up evening on 03.11.10 at Stevenson bar. From 7.30 to 8.30. YOU MUST turn up to this to play for the club. You will be registered this evening. Bring a cheque book or 50 cash to pay for SUBS. Registration and paying of SUBS must take place on that day!

SUBS are used for- training pitches, norton pitches and equipment.

Seniors I only have around 20 people paying for SUBS right now. You will be named and shamed at training on tuesday and you WILL NOT play for the club until you give in your subs. I will be at training on Friday, Monday and Tuesday so no excuses.

Here are the good people who have already paid:

Tim gibbons
Zac watson
Roshan Gunasekera
T Stedman
James Clarke
Chirs jones
Ali Shaw
Jo Gaynor
Al Worthington
Ollie Raimond
Andy Roberts
Ben winters
T haighton
Eddy farmer
J fitzgerald
Sam coxon
J birch

any problems call me 07828559596


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