Tues train, meet change

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Tues train, meet change

Post  Alex Worthington DOR on Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:38 am

Guys I've just been informed that roads outside Goodwin are closed. Can we therefore meet outside the med school (where we meet for games) at 6.00 sharp or cars will be leaving without you. As soon as your car is full could you make your way to Abbeydale.

If you have a car please bring it down as we have no bus this week.
Everyone make sure we bring 1 pound for the drivers otherwise no one will want to take you!
seniors remember your SUBS and tour cheques for Billy.

Big weekend of games coming up so unless there's some physical reason you cant be there please come down.
First team if you cant make training tonight could you let myself or Webbo know as it will affect what we're doing tonight.

Thanks DOR
Alex Worthington DOR
Alex Worthington DOR
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